Frøy is set to build the world’s largest wellboat

“Ronja Storm” to lose top spot in 2021.

Frøy Rederi, located in Frøya in Trøndelag county, Norway, will build the world’s largest wellboat.

CEO of Frøy Rederi, Helge Gåsø, confirmed to SalmonBusiness that the Turkish yard, Sefine Shipyard, had received the contract to build the largest live fish carrier of the world.

The contract was also confirmed by Sefine Shipyard.

The new wellboat from Frøy will have space for 7.500 cubic metres of water in the fishing tanks. It will be 83,7 metres long and 23 metres wide.

In comparison,“Ronja Storm”, which is the worlds world’s largest wellboat today, has space for 7,450 cubic metres of water in the tanks.

The wellboat is scheduled to be delivered in mid-2021 and will enter into a charter agreement with a Norwegian salmon farmer.

“Both management and employees of Frøy are proud, and we are thankful for the confidence placed in us,” said Gåsø to SalmonBusiness.

The wellboat will be designed by Møre Maritime.

“This is a project we have been working on for a while,” said Svein K. Waagbø, CEO of Møre Maritime to SalmonBusiness.


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