FSV Group and Sletta Verft sign record contract to build five vessels

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“Overall, it is the largest contract Sletta Verft has won, and this ensures work for a long time.”

In a press release, aquaculture service provider FSV Group and shipyard Sletta Verft write that the boats are based on a new one-hull vessel design. The first delivery is scheduled for June 2021 and the last in May 2022.

This is the largest contract both Sletta Verft and FSV Group have ever signed.

The new vessel concept, which is specifically designed for smaller transport and towing missions, service and support in the aquaculture industry, has been developed by FSV Group and Solstrand Trading.

“The new vessel design has placed great emphasis on optimal hull utilisation to provide the best possible load capacity, stability and sea capabilities. Also this time, FSV is adopting new technology to ensure efficient and safe operations on board,” FSV wrote in the press release.


Increasing volume of assignments
FSV Group was established 2011, and has operations in both Norway and Canada. The company’s strategy aims for a strong growth of the fleet which today consists of nine special vessels including a feed barge, which are operated and leased for various operations such as towing, shipping, assistance for installation and inspection of salmon farms, as well as ROV and subsea missions. The company has also hired service vessels from other service boat companies to handle an increasing amount of assignments.

FSV also has two vessels under construction at Sletta Verft which will be delivered in October 2020 and May 2021, in addition to the order of five new vessels. An option has been agreed for the cancellation of the last three vessels.

“FSV has experienced strong growth recently and now sees a need to significantly expand the fleet. FSV has an ambition to be among the leading players in the service vessel market. The formula for success is forward-looking vessels in combination with skilled employees. I am confident this will contribute to a further positive development for the company. When we now choose Sletta Verft again as a boat builder, it is because they won out in tough competition with several other shipyards, while at the same time it is a well-run shipyard that has demonstrated that they can deliver on quality, price and time,” said FSV Group CEO Arild Aasmyr.

“Overall, it is the largest contract sletta Verft has won, and this ensures work for a long time to come. We are proud to build a new series of vessels for FSV Group. FSV Group focuses on innovative solutions and places high demands on quality and precision. It is therefore especially nice that they again choose to build locally here with us,” said Sletta Verft boss Kåre Sletta.


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