Fuelgarden setting up LNG installation for Mowi’s feed plant

editorial staff

LNG installation is supplying natural gas to Mowi Scotland’s GBP 125 million fish feed plant on the Isle of Skye.

In a press release, Norway-based LNG design and engineering firm Fuelgarden Energy writes that it has commissioned a temporary LNG installation on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Mowi’s Kyleakin in Scotland will produce fish feed to its operations in Scotland, Ireland and the Faroe Islands. “The process to produce the fish feed requires thermal energy, and for this purpose, Fuelgarden Energy has designed and project managed the construction of a 2,000 m3 LNG terminal,” wrote Fuelgarden Energy.

The LNG terminal is mechanically complete, with commissioning planned for Q3 2019. Whilst waiting for the LNG terminal to be started up, Fuelgarden Energy has designed and commissioned a mobile LNG installation that is supplying natural gas to the fish feed factory on a temporary basis.

“As an LNG designer with specialization in off-grid energy solutions we are very pleased to have been assigned the task by Mowi to design and project manage both the permanent and the temporary LNG solution at their newbuilt fish feed factory at Kyleakin,” said Dag Lilletvedt, Fuelgarden Energy founder and CEO Dag Lilletvedt. “The temporary LNG installation has been designed with mobile LNG tanks and by using existing cryogenic equipment in the market”.

Mowi´s Kyleakin Project Director Mick Watts said: “We are very pleased that Fuelgarden managed to find a way to temporarily supply our newbuilt fish feed factory with natural gas on such short notice. From the time of project decision to the time of commissioning it only took them about 3 months. The LNG installation is currently supplying the natural gas we require”.


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