New system offers full containment of salmon lice

press release

Flatsetsund Engineering has developed a new generation of the FLS Delousing System that allows for the complete collection and containment of lice, thus eliminating the risk that they will end up in the ocean.

The news was made public at the AquaNor Conference in Trondheim, Norway.

This new generation of delouser recycles the pump water and runs it through a filter on the deck of the ship. In this manner, the lice are collected in a secure environment and the risk of lice being accidentally discharged into the ocean is eliminated. This ensures that users have complete control over the collection process.

Full containment
“In recent years, industry players have focused on the challenge of containing the lice that are collected during the delousing process. We believe that our new system is the solution to the problem; it ensures that no salmon lice are discharged into the ocean in the course of the treatment process. At the same time, the system handles the fish gently, thus guaranteeing fish welfare”, explains Kristian Lillerud, General Manager of Flatsetsund Engineering.

In the new delousing solution, over 50% of the water is recycled. This reduces the pump capacity required to run the delouser, and a lower capacity means that less energy is needed to power the system. The new solution is also easier to install.

Ready for delivery
Starting in the autumn of 2017, all new FLS Delousing Systems will come with the new louse collection feature. It can also be retrofitted to older delousing systems, but the filter requires space and it is important that the ship be stable enough to handle the weight of the filter.

“Testing of the new solution has yielded fantastic results”, enthuses Lillerud, who expects the new louse collection feature to lead to even greater interest in the FLS Delousing System.


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