Further collaboration between Skretting and Veramaris as french supermarket announce sustainable trout

Editorial staff

One of the largest retailers, the French group Auchan is now introducing a trout which is raised on a feed by Skretting containing algal oil from Veramaris and insect meal from InnovaFeed. 

“At Auchan, we believe in sustainable seafood. We are encouraged to see a shift in the value chain pioneered by Veramaris and Skretting, and believe that our customers will see the value. Trout is just the first step for us, and we look forward to extending our collaborative value chain approach to further species such as shrimp, salmon, bream and bass, ” says Olivier Vandebeulque, Head of Seafood Category at Auchan in a press release.

It is according to the companies the first time a collaboration includes the whole value chain.

“The decision by Auchan to introduce trout fed on our unique and technologically advanced diet is a real testament to the quality of the product. We know that French consumers don’t want to compromise and demand their seafood to be as tasty as it is nutritious and sustainable, which has been proven by the 12% category growth at Supermarché Match following their launch of algal-fed salmon. We are pleased to be able to support this growth with sustainable, quality feeds,” says Elodie Petit is Marketing Manager at Skretting France in the press release.