Futuristic sailing vessel to ship salmon from Norway to the UK and Netherlands

editorial staff
The new route will be launched on 12 January 2022.  

“Many players have tried with solutions for seafood both to the UK and the continent without success. Based on a number of inquiries – we can now offer an optimized solution adapted to the industry’s own needs, with several departures a week to as many as five European destinations,” said Sea-Cargo CEO, Ole Sævild, in a press release.

There are weekly departures from Norway – with three weekly sailings to Rotterdam, two to Central England and one to Aberdeen.

Sailing ship
Sea-Cargo is one of the largest roll-on roll-off players in Northern Europe, and has access to both reefer trailers and containers.

On Norway’s largest sailing ship, “SC Connector”, the company uses available renewable energy. The wind forces are used directly for propulsion, without the conversion losses associated with other energy carriers. As a sailing hybrid, the ship has managed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by more than 25 percent. Under good wind conditions, the ship can maintain regular service with sails alone.

The cargo mix for Sea-Cargo consists of both industrial cargo and a mix of trailers and containers. This means that both the ship’s dead weight and the space on board are used in an optimal way, which in turn provides environmental benefits to customers.

“With an increasing focus on reducing emissions of CO2 and other gases / particles – the ability to utilize the wind to generate energy, reduce fuel consumption and emissions is a natural next step for short sea shipping. Our sustainable, adapted offer to the salmon industry has not been at the expense of progress, and with 25 years of experience in sea transport, we can offer our customers very good expertise and service,” said Ole Sævild.


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