Gael Force Group delivers new feed barge to Organic Sea Harvest

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Inverness-based aquaculture equipment, technology and service supply partner Gael Force Group delivers the first of two new SeaMate feed barges.

In a press release, Gael Force Group writes that the delivery of a SeaMate feed barge marks the completion to Organic Sea Harvest in Culnacnoc, near the Isle of Skye, Scotland. This includes SeaQurePens, SeaQureMoor mooring grid, and SeaFeed technology.

The barge is fitted out with bilge alert systems, automatic sensors, and remote monitoring systems and has a 350T feed capacity.

Gael Force Group signed a deal with Scotland’s newest salmon farmer Organic Sea Harvest last year.

Jamie Young. PHOTO: Gael Force Group

“The software for controlling the feeding of fish can be intelligently configured to guide future feed plans ensuring the salmon receive the correct amount of feed required during every meal. From a land-based feeding centre which is planned imminently, farmers will have the option to control feeding and monitor barge safety from the comfort of the shore via a secure link to the barge,” wrote Gael Force Group.

Commenting, Organic Sea Harvest’s Farms Manager Euan McArthur said: “We are delighted with the quality and strength of all the equipment we have received from the team at Gael Force. It is very reassuring to know that our farm technicians can care for our fish with the full knowledge that the equipment on site is offering us all a secure environment to work in.”

Gael Force Group Sales Director Jamie Young said: “Partnering with Organic Sea Harvest on their journey from the inception of their sites through to the installation of the equipment has been extremely satisfying. Choosing to invest locally in our products, technology, and services is important for our employees and the local communities in which we are present across Scotland. We are very grateful to Organic Sea Harvest for placing their trust in us to deliver tough, marinised equipment for use on their sites at Skye.”

In 2018, new player Organic Sea Harvest announced that it plans at least 2,500 tonnes of salmon a year. It has consent for two 12 x 400ft pen sites producing a total of 5,000-tonnes of organic salmon a year.


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