Gåsø retains his seat after proposal for a new NTS board is voted down

Aslak Berge
Proposal for a new NTS board voted down by the narrowest possible margin.

According to the local newspaper Ytringen, which covered today’s extraordinary general meeting of the fish farming company NTS, the proposal for a new board was voted down by 50.14 per cent of the votes.

In a stock exchange announcement after the end of the meeting, NTS confirmed the decision:

“Regarding election of new board, item 3 on the agenda, was not adopted. The chairman of the board informed that board member Grete Rekkebo Brovoll wants to resign from the board, and the chairman of the board proposed that the general meeting should elect a new board member. The newly elected board member was Hans Martin Storø. “

According to NTS ‘chairman Odd Reidar Øye, attendance at today’s general meeting in Rørvik was 98 per cent of the shareholders. Øye says he has never experienced such a large turnout and interest in the general meeting.

The extraordinary general meeting follows a demand made by the three shareholders Nils Williksen AS, Vite Invest AS and Rodo Invest AS.

On Tuesday night this week, it was announced that the shareholder group would throw the company’s largest shareholder, Helge Gåsø, who owns 37 per cent of NTS through Gåsø Næringsutvikling, off the board – together with his son Anders Gåsø. At the same time, the board was to be narrowed down, from ten to seven members.

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The same group of shareholders, with the support of just over 50 per cent of the shareholders, submitted a bid of NOK 105 per NTS share on Monday morning.


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