German fishing tourists rescued by salmon farm service vessel

editorial staff

“Someone saw a light that shouldn’t have been on the fjord.”

On Sunday evening, a boat with six German fishing tourists got motor problems just south of Stokkøya in Åfjord municipality in Trøndelag, Central Norway. The vessel started drifting then got stuck. Crew from the salmon farm service boat company Aqua Seawork assisted in the rescue operation.

“We heard the emergency message about the accident. We called around to check a little, and tracked someone who saw light that should not be on the fjord,” said Jon Magne Guttelvik to Fosna-Folket.

The emergency message was called in at 21.08 Sunday evening.
PHOTO: Fitjar Mek. Verksted

Guttelvik and his colleague Jørgen Grøttvik used a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) to get to the accident site.

However, it was too shallow to get to the boat, but Guttelvik said that they maintained communications with maritime telecommunication services. The tourists were eventually picked up by a Sea King helicopter.

Later that evening, at 23:00, Guttelvik used port tender “Aqua King” to tow the boat away from the shore.


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