German seafood giant bet on wearable tech to streamline operations

Editorial staff

Deutsche See are set to use the pick-by-vision glasses from Picavi at its main business site in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Deutsche See employees will use the Picavi smart glasses to pick items in the smoked fish warehouse as an initial first stage with a view to move to daily work operations from late summer onwards as reported on the site

Deutsche See is one the largest salmon buyers in Germany. In February it was bought out by the Netherlands-based seafood conglomerate, Parlevliet & Van der Plas.

The tech company, Picavi, based in Herzogenrath in Western Germany, uses smart technology for warehouse processes, from goods receipt and order picking to dispatch and inventory.

Minority report? PHOTO : Picavi

The AR (augmented reality) glasses work by helping workers pick items more efficiently because they visually guide the employees through the picking process. Picavi says that the glasses can improve workflow by up to 40% as workers have their hands free so that they can fully concentrate on their picking work.

“If this switch in picking operations goes well and we prove that the smart glasses can be used in the cold and damp fresh fish division and in our deep freeze warehouse at -28 °C too, we’ve agreed with Picavi that we’ll extend the smart glasses to our complete central warehouse. If our other branches follow suit, we’ll completely introduce the pick-by-vision solution to our business operations.” said Johanna Bellenberg, Director of Marketing and Communications at Picavi, explaining the background to the new project.


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