Girteka delivery drivers caught stealing bicycles in Norway

Stian Olsen

Two lorry drivers employed with the transport giant, Girteka Logistics, have been caught red-handed trying to steal kids bikes in Norway.

The theft happened on Monday afternoon at a bus stop in Troms, northern Norway. The two Lithuanian nationals were working for one of the country’s salmon transporters, when they were about to load 5-6 stolen bikes into a Girteka trailer.

Witness, Steffen Tveiten-MacQueen, who took pics of incident on Facebook, was at the bus stop to pick up his daughter, when he caught the thieves. His post has been shared nearly 2 times.

“What the two guys did here is not evil but foolish,” said Tveiten-MacQueen to SalmonBusiness.

The story was featured in the local Norwegian press.

“It’s sad that these two dolts did something so idiotic but which could have cost so much,” said Tveiten-MacQueen.

He was contacted afterwards by Girteka Logistics Communications Director, Kristian Kaas Mortensen, who said that he regretted the incident.

“He was just trying cover his tracks,” said Tveiten-MacQueen.

Get fired
Kaas Mortensen didn’t want to respond to Tveiten-MacQueen’s comments, but said that the incident was “really sad”. The company contacted the drivers immediately after the case became known.

“We called them, asking the drivers to return to Lithuania. They will be fired,” said Kaas Mortensen.

According to Norwegian state channel, NRK, the trailer was probably on its way to Alta or Skjervøy in the north to pick up fish, but Kaas Mortensen didn’t confirm that, as he didn’t know where the trailer was heading.

Kaas Mortensen didn’t speculate why the drivers wanted to steal bicycles.

“It doesn’t matter what the reason is,” he said, adding that he hasn’t heard of any similar incidents to date.

Girteka Logistics has 12,000 employees and 5,000 vehicles. 25 per cent of the activity in the company takes place between Scandinavia and Europe.


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