Government locks down Chilean salmon-processor city Puerto Montt

COVID-19 lockdown.

La Tercera reports that the salmon processing rich area of Puerto Montt, southern Chile, is under quarantine.

The Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, called the situation in the municipality as “critical” along with two others.

The lockdown will begin on Wednesday at 10 O’clock, Chilean time.

“In the coming days, they will be quarantined, which requires a significant effort to prevent people from leaving and not circulating to reduce the spread of the virus and that this quarantine can last as little as possible. We hope that the numbers, in the coming days, will see that there is a decrease and an effect of this quarantine,” Daza said.

There are many salmon processors in Puerto Montt, including MultiExport, Cermaq Chile, Salmones Aysen and more.

In Chile, a total of 9,187 coronavirus-infected people have died, according to the University of Johns Hopkins.


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