Great Northern Salmon announces deal with land-based equipment supplier Nofitech

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Nofitech selected as RAS vendor for Great Northern Salmon’s Millinocket farm.

Great Northern Salmon has announced the selection of Norwegian land-based equipment supplier Nofitech as designer for the company’s facility in Maine.

Nofitech´s approach was the best fit technically, commercially, and culturally, the company said, announcing the deal on Monday.

The company’s use of standardized prefabricated units provides a lower total cost than similar facilities, according to to Great Northern Salmon.

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Meanwhile, the company’s compact patented structure provides short pipelines, a smaller footprint and is designed to prevent the accumulation of sediments.

Construction and design are developed for use with both fresh water and salt water.

“It became clear as soon as we started exploring future collaboration that we see things the same way and that Nofitech has a design that is compatible with our bioplan. Nofitech’s reputation for delivering on expectations for cost, performance, and schedule, proven through its repeat business with several customers, was also an important factor in the decision” said Dean Guest, Head of RAS Technology.

Nofitech’s customers include Bakkafrost, the Faroese salmon producer which signed a contract with the company in 2020 to expand its Glyvradal smolt hatchery by 13,000m³, as well as a new deal for a new hatchery in Skálavík in the Faroe Islands signed last year.

“We would like to thank Great Northern Salmon for the trust and are proud to have been chosen as the RAS vendor for their project in Maine. This marks the start of a long-term partnership with Great Northern Salmon, based on shared values, understanding, ​​and objectives”, said Robert Hundstad, CEO of Nofitech.

Detailed design is scheduled to start this summer.


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