Green light for “Norwegian Gannet”

editorial staff

Shipping company Hav Line has received an exemption from the requirement to sort production fish domestically until 1 July 2020.

“I have decided that Hav Line receives temporary exemption from the regulations. In order for the company to have ample time to adjust, the exemption applies until 1 July 2020. I hope that this will help Hav Line find good solutions,” said Norwegian Fisheries Minister Harald T. Nesvik.

The so-called production fish are fish with visible wounds or malformations. According to the Norwegian Fish Quality Regulations, such fish must be sorted and the faults corrected before it is transported out of Norway.

The Fisheries Minister’s decision means that Hav Line’s harvesting boat “Norwegian Gannet” can sort fish in Denmark until July 1 next year. The condition is that all production fish are sent back to Norway. Hav Line is also required to report to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority about how much fish are sorted out, and the company must facilitate supervision.



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