Grieg Group restructures Grieg Seafood ownership

Grieg Holdings, main shareholder of Grieg Seafood, has today decided to transfer all of its shares in Grieg Seafood to the company Grieg Aqua through a demerger.

Grieg Aqua will be established when the demerger is completed. Grieg Holdings, Grieg Maturitas II’s parent company, will be sole shareholder in Grieg Aqua.

Through the demerger, 55,801,409 shares are transferred, corresponding to 49.97 percent of outstanding shares in Grieg Seafood. Grieg Holdings does not want any shares in Grieg Seafood after the transaction, Grieg Seafood announced in a stock exchange announcement Monday evening.

In addition Grieg Ltd (100 per cent owned by Grieg Maturitas II) has 217 390 shares, corresponding to 0.20 per cent of Grieg Seafood. The shares in Grieg Ltd are transferred to Grieg Aqua when the demerger of Grieg Holdings is completed.

Overall, Grieg Maturitas II holds 56,018,799 shares in Grieg Seafood through its subsidiaries, corresponding to 50.17 percent of outstanding shares.


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