Grieg NL putting down 15km of piping for new $250 million facilty

Phase 2 of mega salmon farming project is on.

The ground has been cleared. And now construction of the site that’ll eventually produce up to 30,000 tonnes of salmon annually at 11 sea sites in the Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, Canada, is underway.

Perry Power, human resources manager for Grieg NL, told that the project is now entering its form works and concrete phase. “Leading up to that we need to make way for the signficant amount of pipe that is required for in our nursery facilty.”

The pipes are being provided by the company Newfoundland company, Aqua Sol.

The project hatchery site is located just outside Marystown where Grieg is constructing a 21.000 sq.m hatchery, that will produce 7 million smolt to enter sea cages in Placentia Bay. The company hope to insert the first salmon eggs into the facility in 2019. This will allow them to move the first fish to sea during the summer of 2020, to start first harvest before the winter of 2021


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