Grieg and FishGLOBE to develop 30,000m³ closed-containment fish farms together

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Grieg and FishGLOBE enter partnership to realize development licenses for ocean-based closed containment technology.

Grieg Seafood and FishGLOBE have established a joint venture, Next Seafood, aimed at developing closed-containment fish farms for grow-out salmon, Grieg announced in a press release.

The two companies are already collaborating on producing post smolt in smaller closed-containment fish farms in Southern Norway.

FishGLOBE Managing Director Tor Hellestøl. Photo: Grieg

It is hoped that the technology will allow Grieg to keep their salmon for a shorter period of time in traditional fish farms, which has resulted in better sea lice control and less disease.

The two companies have now established the joint venture Next Seafood to develop the technology further and adapt it to the grow-out salmon phase. While the globes for post-smolt are 3,500 cubic meters, the globe for grow-out salmon will be almost ten times as large – 30,000 cubic meters.

Two development licenses have been granted to the project by the Norwegian Government.

Nina Willumsen Grieg, Regional Director of Grieg Seafood Rogaland, commented, “Grieg Seafood Rogaland aim to reduce our impact, improve fish welfare and grow sustainably. We work a lot to achieve this goal, both by improving the traditional farming methods but also by utilizing new technologies. With the partnership Next Seafood, our goal is the develop technology and expertise in the area of closed containment ocean farming. We look forward to this journey.”

Tor Hellestøl, Managing Director, FishGLOBE, added, “Our aim is to contribute to sustainable growth in the aquaculture industry by deliver closed farming technology for post smolt and now also full-size salmon. Grieg Seafoods competence and experience matches our profile very well and we will take further steps in our journey with the partnership in Next Seafood. We really looking forward to the cooperation and the realization of the 30K project.”

The first step for Next Seafood is to carry out the detailed planning for the large fishGLOBE. The final decision on constructing it will be taken during 2022.

Photo: Grieg

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