Grieg Seafood BC appoints new Freshwater Production Director

editorial staff

Scott Peterson previously held the position of Gold River Hatchery Manager and replaces Frode Mathisen who died last September.

In a press release, Grieg Seafood BC writes that it has appointed Scott Peterson as its new Freshwater Production Director.

“I am very pleased to announce that Scott Peterson has been selected to be our new Freshwater Production Director,” said Rocky Boschman, Managing Director of Grieg BC.

“Scott has been working as the Gold River Hatchery Manager with Grieg Seafood BC since August of 2012. His invaluable experience will continue to inform and guide our operations as Grieg further grows and evolves. His strong relationships with his team at our Gold River Hatchery over the past eight years will ensure a smooth transition.”

Prior to joining Grieg, Peterson worked with global aquaculture companies like Tassal, Saltas, New Zealand King Salmon, Sablefish Canada, Noram and Heritage.

“I am grateful for this opportunity,” Peterson said. “It feels really good to be recognized for my abilities and the hard work which I have invested while managing the Gold River Hatchery.”

“I’m looking forward to contributing to Grieg’s senior management team to be the new voice for Freshwater and helping drive improvements which align with our core values: Open, Ambitious and Caring.”

Peterson will work expanding Grieg’s freshwater production capacity, first with the new RAS unit in Gold River, and in the future with the commissioning of a new freshwater facility near Campbell River.

He fills the role after the previous Freshwater Production Director, Frode Mathisen, died from suddenly last September.

“I know I have some big shoes to fill thanks to my predecessor Frode Mathisen,” he said. “Frode was a friend and mentor. As the new Freshwater Director, it will allow me an even greater opportunity to work towards making Frode’s vision become a reality”.


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