Grieg Seafood plans installation of seafood centre at the most northern place in Europe

Stian Olsen

Grieg Seafood Finnmark has applied for a viewing permit for the “Ocean Stories” centre in North Cape in Northern Norway. 

“We have secured an attractive spot in the middle of the popular island for tourists, just off the docks where Hurtigruten and other cruise ships are located,” says the introduction in the 63-page application form Grieg Seafood, which SalmonBusiness has accessed.


Grieg Seafood’s ambition is to create Norway’s most visited display centre. North Cape is one of the most visited destinations in Norway with close to 300,000 visitors each year.

The total investment cost for the project is budgeted at EUR 3.12 million, according to Grieg Seafood.

The building is distributed about 600 square meters partitioned on two floors.
A satellite in the exhibition will also be placed on the North Cape Plateau, and act as a “teaser” with easy installations.


“Ocean Stories has entered into an agreement with Scandic to establish an installation on Nordkapp to profile and awaken interest in Ocean Stories. The installation will function as a type of “satellite of communication” where you get an exciting taste of what you can experience in the viewing centre in Honningsvåg,” wrote Grieg Seafood.

The main target groups for the centre will be Norwegian and foreign tourists as well as the local community. According to the application, the centre will have themes on marine health, challenges the aquaculture industry must solve and sea as the future of food.

The aim is to attract other visitors than those usually interested in aquaculture.

“We have not set up a fancy building, but by focusing on larger themes such as man-made changes in the sea, we want to make the centre relevant to a larger target group than those who are interested in aquaculture normally,” said community contact in Grieg Seafood Finnmark, Roger Pedersen, to SalmonBusiness.


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