Grieg Seafood produced salmon at €4.70 per kilo in the third quarter

editorial staff
Grieg figures unveiled in trading update.

Grieg Seafood slaughtered a total of approximately 20,500 tonnes in the quarter. This does not include the business in Shetland which is classified in the accounts as “held for sale”.

The slaughter volumes were distributed as follows:

  • Rogaland: 6,300 tons
  • Finnmark: 9,900 tonnes
  • British Columbia: 4,300 tons

The average regional production cost per kilo in the quarter was:

  • Rogaland: NOK 46.50
  • Finnmark: NOK 45.50
  • British Columbia: $8.5

The company’s complete report for the third quarter will be presented on Wednesday 3 November.


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