Grieg Seafood reveals how much it cost to produce salmon in Q2 2022

Aslak Berge

Highest volume and lowest costs in the north.

Grieg Seafood presented a trading update on Monday morning showing that the company’s production costs were distributed as follows in the quarter:

  • Rogaland: NOK 46.80 (€4.5)
  • Finnmark: NOK 40.60 (€3.9)
  • British Columbia: 7.9 Canadian dollars (€6)

The company’s production regions harvested a total of 23,600 tonnes (gutted weight) of salmon in the quarter. The harvest volumes were distributed as follows:

  • Rogaland: 5,000 tonnes
  • Finnmark: 9,800 tonnes
  • British Columbia: 8,800 tons

Grieg Seafood presents its second quarter report on Tuesday, 23rd August.


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