Grieg Seafood takes hit of €15.9 million related to the lawsuit about price collusion in North America

Although the company has rejected all allegations about the alleged  price collusion in North America, Grieg Seafood has had to pay €15.9 million.

This appears in the company’s quarterly report, at the same time as they presented their best quarter ever, where operational EBIT ended at €86 million. 

It became known in May that Mowi, SalMar, Lerøy Seafood, Bremnes Seashore, Cermaq and then Grieg Seafood had entered into a settlement of $85 million to avoid a potential lawsuit.

DN is today reporting that Grieg Seafood’s share amounts to €15.9 million. 

“There are provisions related to cases in the USA and Canada. At the same time, we emphasize that we do not accept any blame,” CEO Andreas Kvame told DN.

The lawsuit goes all the way back to 2019 when the companies were sued by the American Euclid Fish Company. 

“The settlement does not represent an admission of responsibility or guilt,” the companies wrote in the message when the settlement became known.

Since the case became known, all the companies have maintained their innocence. 


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