Grower: Christmas bonus “makes a difference”

After quietly recording a net profit of 104 million kroner in 2016, a “modest” north-Norwegian salmon grower has opted to give his staff a month’s salary as Christmas bonus, newspaper Framtid i Nord has reported.

“We’ve had many good years and operated downhill and with the wind at our backs. It’s gone really well, and that’s why we want to share with staff,” Arnoy Laks manager, Haavard Hoegstad, was quoted as saying.

Arnoy Laks manager, Haavard Hoegstad

The outfit has had no tradition of handing out bonuses, but results were good and Hoegstad said management wanted to reward loyalty with something that might help should times get tough. It’s the second bonus this year, and combined with a February bonus, staff have seen a total 2.2 million kroner in largesse.

“We wanted the bonus to make a difference. If you get a 2,000-kroner bonus, it’ll only cover a couple of tank-fulls of gas. Get something like a month’s salary, and you can buy something nice,” Hoegstad said.

Arnoy Laks is based north of Tromso, where it owns its own processing plant and all the stock in smolt grower Elevoll Settefisk. The grower employs 25 staff.


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