Gustav Witzøe takes over as SalMar CEO

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Gustav Witzøe to take over as CEO. Olav Andreas Ervik to become head of new ocean-based fish farming subsidiary.

In a financial update posted on the Oslo Stock Exchange on Monday, SalMar reports that Gustav Witzøe will take over as CEO of SalMar effective as of today.

From this date, former CEO Olav Andreas Ervik, will become managing director of the new subsidiary SalMar Ocean, responsible for the company’s ventures in ocean-based fish farming.

SalMar’s initiatives in ocean-based fish farming have to date been organised as a business area within SalMar and headed by Gustav Witzøe. These activities will now be transferred to a subsidiary which Ervik wanted to lead.

SalMar’s grow out PHOTO: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

Both Witzøe and Ervik emphasise that this change will ensure continuity in management and that it is a logical consequence of SalMar’s ambition to lead in the development of ocean-based fish farming.

“The Board of Directors considers this a good foundation for the continued positive development of SalMar, both within ocean-based and conventional fish farming,” it wrote.


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