Half of CageEye’s board members have resigned

Aslak Berge

Chairman Ivar Strand and board member Håvard Belbo have resigned.

Two out of four directors have left the much-discussed start-up company. Of the original board, deputy chairman Joakim Myrland and board member Petter Kleppan remain. This is stated in an announcement to a national business register, dated the 25th of January.

“Yes, it is correct,” confirmed the company’s communications manager Marloes Eshuis to SalmonBusiness.

“We are restructuring, going from three boards of three companies to just one board at the corporate level. It is another step towards the integration of the three companies. Some board members stayed behind, others left. Ivar and Håvard will not be part of the new board, but we are very grateful for their contribution,” she said.

Ivar Strand was previously employed as an analyst at Gustav Witzøe’s investment firm Kverva, before he was hired as CFO of the energy company NTE in 2016. Strand is also chairman of the IT provider Naviaq Holding.

Håvard Belbo works as general manager of T:Lab, an early-stage investment company that is largely based on public funds. T:Lab is also among CageEye’s shareholders, with an ownership stake of 4.1 per-cent of the outstanding shares.

CageEye has also changed its name to Bluegrove. In addition, the company’s business purpose has been changed to:

“To, directly and indirectly, monitor and maintain ecological balance in food production. We develop and deliver equipment, advanced sensor technology and intelligent software that enables data-driven insights and decision support for food production optimization in a long-term and sustainable way, as well as anything related, either directly or indirectly, to the above in the broadest sense.”

Neither Ivar Strand nor Håvard Belbo have returned SB’s request for comment.

Bluegrove, like its precursor CageEye, is registered in Steinkjer, Central Norway, although the company is operated from the Postgiro building in the country’s capital, Oslo.


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