Harrods selling Scottish wild Atlantic salmon for £245 per kilo

Wild king of fish is pricy.

The Herald reports that the London luxury department store is selling wild salmon for GBP 245 a kilo.

A Harrods fishmonger told the publication that the fish have legally come from the River Tweed.

Northumberland inshore fisheries authority confirmed there is still a small fishery operating legally from there, that catches Atlantic salmon through a traditional hand-netting system.

On wild fish, Northumberland Seafood, a premier supplier of seafood in the region, wrote on its site that “whilst remaining the salmon’s friend from a conservation point of view our inshore fishermen do bring home some of the wildest, tastiest salmon during the season”.

“However we do recommend wild salmon as a delicacy and would like to highlight its high conservation risk before purchase,” it added.

When the publication asked the Harrods fishmonger who it was buying the GBP 63 a portion wild salmon, “rich people“ came the reply.


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