Harvest in Chile’s salmon hub down 34 percent in Q1 2022

Salmon harvest in the Aysén region of Chile totalled 93,318 tons in Q1 2022, representing a drop of 34 percent from the 141,895 tons harvested in Q1 2021.

Latest data from Chile’s National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) shows the contraction in harvest volume is due mainly to the 20-percent decline in the number of farming centres operating: 192 in Q1 2021 compared 156 centres in Q1 this year.

Aysén accounts for roughly half of Chile’s farmed salmon production.

Biomass in the water during Q1 2022 fell by 37 percent to 46,943 tons of production on average, compared to 74,414 tons on average in Q1 2021.

The accumulated amount of eggs sown for Q1 2022 corresponds to 6,712 tons, representing an increase of 84 percent from the 3,646 tons of eggs sown in Q1 last year.

Fifty-three farms were planted with eggs in Q1 2022, up 13 percent from the 47 centres in Q1 2021.


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