Harvests delayed by storms confirm Salmon Scotland amid already red hot market

Matthew Wilcox

Transport chaos hits the UK.

As Britain suffered its third huge storm in less than a week, up to 56,000 homes remained without power on Monday. Meanwhile, rail commuters have been told to avoid travelling following severe flooding, landslides and evacuations amid 87mph winds.

Meanwhile, the M6 motorway, connecting Scotland with the midlands, was closed after a lorry overturned and caught fire in the fierce winds.

Photo: Lancashire Police

A spokesperson for Salmon Scotland told SalmonBusiness: “Storms and bad weather have delayed some harvests and impeded travel from the islands in recent weeks, but any impact will be temporary and our members are working hard to make sure all customers get the salmon they want as soon as possible.”

These delays come amidst what are already record high prices for salmon.

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