Hauge Aqua wants to end cooperation with Mowi: “More than two years of stagnation”

editorial staff

Disagreement about the way forward for the futuristic “Egg” salmon farm project.

Hauge Aqua collaborates with Mowi on the large “Egg”. The largest salmon farmer in the world has received six development permits for the concept, but has previously stated that they are considering dropping the project due to high production costs.

Hauge Aqua, on the other hand, is now looking to continue with project, without Mowi. Hauge Aqua founder Cato Lyngøy has previously stated that the company will apply for research and development permits, as an alternative way of realizing the project. He confirms the same to E24, and claims there are several interested parties.

According to Lyngøy, the project with Mowi has not seen any progress since 31 December 2018.

“We have worked hard to reduce costs of the Egg, but have still not come to a solution. Mowi has the full right to make its own risk assessments. But after more than two years of stagnation in the project, we have reached a point where we must go further and find other partners,” Lyngøy said to E24.

Ola Helge Hjetland, communications director at Mowi, told E24 that the company still believes it is not financially justifiable to start the project. According to Hjetland, the costs of carrying out the project have increased considerably since the development permits were granted.

“Hauge has so far not been able to deliver a budget that gives Mowi an acceptable risk by initiating this project,” Hjetland wrote in an e-mail.

However, the job with the the “Post smolt egg” is going well. Here, the fish will be produced until it is one kilo, before it is released into traditional open cages with lice skirts. Lyngøy stated in October, that he believes this version of the Egg will be in place in the sea during 2021.


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