Nordlaks’ new Havfarmen ‘dynamic’ sea farm will be in place by 2022

editorial staff

Two “Havfarmen” are being built and its ‘dynamic’ farm is on the cards sooner than expected.

While the construction of Nordlaks’ first Havfarmen – i.e the world’s largest floating aquaculture construction – is underway, the company is now working on the next one.

The stationary Havfarmen, which is currently under construction in China by the Chinese yard CIMC Raffles, will be located in the Vesterålen archipelago, Nordland county, Northern Norway. The farm has a price tag of EUR 133 million. The giant 385m long and 59.5m wide grow-out which will hold up to 10,000 tonnes of fish.

The dynamic Sea Farm, which will be 300m long and 64m wide, will be even more expensive, wrote Avisa Nordland.

During a local municipal council meeting last weekend, the Nordlaks management sent in the paperwork needed to prepare a zoning plan for the sea area in Hamarøy, which is also in Nordland county, where the new sea farm will be.

Though plans for the ambitious sea farm have been met with mixed reactions locally.

Nordlaks founder Inge Berg has previously said that he hoped to have the new ‘dynamic’ Havfarmen operation during 2021, but after the meeting he provided new information.

“We are now working on the plans and hope we will have the opportunity to get started with the zoning plan. The goal is for the sea farm to be in place in 2022,” he said.