Heavy harvesting of smaller fish sinks the price of salmon

Harvesting of ISA fish in Northern Norway, coupled with the biomass reduction in the south, gives a steep price drop next week.

“It is 46-50 kroner (EUR 4.3-4.7) on the different sizes,” said an exporter to SalmonBusiness.

He said the fall in salmon spot prices, of well over ten percent from last Friday, is driven by increased supply.[factbox]

“Now the harvesting of 2-4 kilograms increases. There are a lot of ISA fish, a tremendous pressure of 3-4 [kg], which pulls down 4-5 which in turn pulls down 5-6. It’s better on big salmon.”

“But it is normal for the season, so that’s not a surprise,” he added.

“In the mid-40s,” said another exporter about the price level, who also mentioned that price falls belong to this time of year.

“I hear some want to go down on those prices, but it is probably more 46 kroner (EUR 4.3) for 3-4 (kg) and 48 kroner (EUR 4.5) at 4-5, I hear and think,” said a trader.

“They have started harvesting PO4 and PO5 (production areas in Western Norway – ed. note), which have a total annual production of 250,000 tonnes. Here, six percent of the biomass will be slaughtered by 5 August. In addition, 80-90 percent of (the Norwegian) trout production is in these two regions. Prices are below cost now,” said another one, who thinks it could be a tough period in the market in the coming weeks.



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