Heavy harvesting volumes, but salmon spot prices are stable

Consolidation after two months of price fall.

Salmon prices have fallen heavily since the peak was reached in early May. But the fish to be delivered next week is getting the same prices as last Friday.

“What I hear is 4- [kilo] a little down, 4+ is a little up. There is still a lot of 4- left in Oslo”, said an Eastern European importer to SalmonBusiness.

“There were plans to pull up the price quite a bit, but it will be a bit more balanced. There is plenty of fish sold”, he added. [factbox]

He receives support from several other market players.

“I hear 5.70-5.80 euros in France. It is equivalent to NOK 50-52 (farm gate price). I think it’s stable overall, but obviously pushing down 1-2 and 2-3”, one trader said.

“It seems stable. Around NOK 50, another says. NOK 49, 50 and 51 for 3-6 kilo. It is possible to buy on, another trader said.

Warm sea
At the same time, the market is reluctant to buy. Purchasers know that summer has provided warm sea and good growth for many farmers.

“There is a little fall at 2-3 and 3-4, there may be a downward adjustment, and there may be an upward adjustment of 5+. 3-4 should probably be under NOK 50. 4-5 is stable. 5-6 too, but 6+ is short. I try to keep a maximum price of NOK 55 for 6+”, said an exporter.

“There are amazing volumes that have been harvested in recent weeks. The major salmon farmers have taken out lots of fish. All the harvesting plants were in operation last weekend”.


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