Heavy price drop: What happens if customers have had enough?

Steve Hernes

Negative reaction after record prices.

The price of salmon has fallen from last Friday, when it was around 120 kroner (€10.4) for fish between three and six kilos. In the last two weeks, the price of salmon has hit a record high.

“What we hear from customers is 105 (€10.5) to 112 kroner (€11),” a buyer said.

“There is a big difference between big and small fish. We buy 2-3 kilos at 98 kroner (€8.4), 3-4 at 108 kroner (€9.3), 4-5 at 111 kroner (€9.5), 5-6 at 118 kroner (€10.1), while salmon over six kilos goes for 125 kroner (€10.7),” the exporter told SalmonBusiness.

Some exporters are starting to notice that customers in Europe are now starting to react to the high prices.

“The last week was merciless. Most sit with fish and some customers take down production. The aviation market is also tough,” says a buyer told SalmonBusiness. Another exporter reported large losses.

“We will not buy fish without sales. What is happening in the market is that customers have had enough,” an exporter said.

“There are still some unsold fish. The fish farmers want 110 (€9.4) and 120 kroner (€10.3). But the risk is rising sharply. Large gap. At that level here, the risk is hellishly great. You must not buy fish you cannot sell,” a trader said.


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