Helge Gåsø humble after first round victory but fears more struggles ahead

Steve Hernes
Prepared for more unrest.

Helge Gåsø attended the general meeting today without a clue as to how things would go before the numbers were on the table. Prior to this, intensive work had been done to obtain the necessary authorizations from all small shareholders. It is a very humble Helge Gåsø that SalmonBusiness gets to speak on Friday morning.

“I’m happy that it went our way. I’m not surprised. The hope was there, but I certainly did not feel safe,” said a relieved Helge Gåsø.

“The small shareholders in Namdalen have supported us and Harry Bøe has done a great job in obtaining authorizations for the general meeting. I am humble in relation to the support we have received. This is significant in relation to the company NTS. I fight for the 1,200 employees who feel great unrest in connection with this merger,” said Gåsø.

Will kill off company
“There is a group on the other side that in it has not said anything at all about what they want. That worries the 1,200 employees. It is pointless to do so in a listed company. They have to come to the table and say what they want. We have an open door. We have our own thoughts on what they want to do, but not confirmed by them.”

What thoughts then?

“I feel the basics might want to kill off NTS.”

It is a strong claim

“Yes it is, but I have no doubt that they want to sell the NRS post, I dare say.”

Prepared for more unrest
The same group of shareholders behind the demand to throw Gåsø out of the board, submitted a bid of NOK 105 per NTS share on Monday morning. At the time of writing, the NTS price is down 0.5 per cent, while NRS is down 5.3 per cent.

Helge Gåsø does not want to speculate much in the fall that was in the price of NTS and not least NRS on Friday, but says he is not surprised that the price of NRS fell.

What happens in the future?

“I am prepared for the fact that we are not done, but I hope they take it easy in the future so NTS and its subsidiaries have the opportunity to work to do productive things. This creates terrible unrest in an organization with 1,200 employees. People wonder if they have a job tomorrow, if the others had won the case today.

How do you envision the rest of the day and weekend?

We are in Rørvik and will drive towards Frøya on the way home tonight to relax. Then I hope there will be some peace in the camp.


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