Helped by euro, Norway’s exports reach €1Bn in 2018

press release

Norwegian seafood exports fell eight percent in February over this time last year, although volumes reached 176,935 tonnes, down 27 percent or EUR 65.4 million, as salmon exports were also fewer year-on-year.

Norway exported 75,700 t of salmon during the month worth EUR 490 million, a decline of five percent over last year. Nevertheless, the volume of salmon exported increased by 3,700 t or five percent.

So far this year, Norway has exported 160,000 tonnes of salmon worth EUR 1.1 billion. Poland, France and Denmark were the largest recipients of salmon from Norway in February.

“The EU market is taking an increasing share of the Norwegian export despite high consumer prices for salmon,” said Seafood Analyst, Paul Aandahl of the Norwegian Seafood Council. “The main reasons for this are a strengthening of the euro and a lower export price compared with the same period last year.”

Salmon prices rose by EUR 0.16 per kilogram from January to February for an average price of EUR 6.07 per kg, or nine percent lower compared with February last year.




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