Here are this year’s winners amongst the salmon shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange

Aslak Berge

But half of them fell in value this year.

Havyard Group is a shipyard that manufactures and maintains, among other things, wellboats. The company is indebted, has been threatened with bankruptcy, and consequently has plenty of financial leverage. In 2020, shareholders were helped by this leverage. The shipyard group rose 505 per-cent in value this year.

Looking at the more pure salmon players, the equipment manufacturer AKVA group has been sharpest in this year marked by the coronavirus. The AKVA group increased 41.9 per-cent after a potent end to the year.

In fine fashion for the AKVA group came NTS, which has several wellboats in order at Havyard. The fish farming company’s share price rose 41.7 per-cent.

Of the sample of 20 companies, all of which are engaged in salmon, half had reductions in value this year.

With heavy operational losses and close dialogue with banks, the salmon farmer Grieg Seafood learned that financial leverage works both ways. Grieg Seafood’s stock market value fell by 39.4 per-cent in 2020.

Chilean fish farmer Salmones Camanchaca has struggled with low salmon prices, and saw a 24.9 per-cent fall in value this year.

The company that dominated the share trade in this sector on Oslo Stock Exchange, Mowi, also fell in value this year. The stock market value shrank by 16.3 per-cent.


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