High harvesting activity will not stop price hike for next week

Second week in a row with rising salmon prices.

“There seems to be intense harvesting activity in southern Norway,” says a trader to SalmonBusiness. “I don’t know if it’s the same activity in the north. But in total, there is no shortage of volume to the market, so to speak.”

“Everyone has big volumes. Everyone is trying to push. Everyone wants you to take twice as much volume as otherwise,” says an Eastern European buyer. [factbox]

“Fish from the Faroe Islands are being pushed. It’s not just Norway. I buy a lot of frozen salmon from Chile,” he says, and do not hide the fact that autumn has been particularly favourable for many of the major salmon growers in Europe: “Everyone has high stocks, so they are really happy with the price increase.”

“Now the trout season is underway too. When the price of salmon goes up, I switch to trout,” he continues.

“There are large stocks of frozen fish that are going out now, so I’m not too worried about the salmon price.”

There is broad agreement on a price increase towards next week.

“Two to three kroner. But 6+ (kg) are pressed. We won’t get it back,” says one exporter. “At these levels, people will not freeze and stock up anymore. They would rather be in the spot market.”

“The big salmon premium goes down. Just look at the calendar, it should even out,” says another. “It’s a slight upturn, but goes down a bit on the larger weight classes,” he summarises.

SalmonBusiness’ industry sources refer to the following farm gate prices, for fish to be delivered to the market next week:

  • 3-4 kg NOK 45-46 (€4.5-4.6)
  • 4-5 kg NOK ​​47-49 (€4.7-4.9)
  • 5-6 kg NOK 50-53 (€5.0-5.3)
  • 6+ kg NOK 55-58 (€5.5-5.8)



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