High-resolution sonar system helped Ventisqueros recapture escaped salmon

Raymarine Distributor approached the salmon farmer with their RealVision 3D technology.

With 3D mapping tech, Nautica Chile Marine helped Ventisqueros to recover the 26,830 fish that escaped last December.

The salmon farmer eventually captured 3,424 fish. But they used the expertise of a local marine electronics distributor based in southern Chilean province of Llanquihue to help them achieve that number.

“We noticed that Ventisqueros was in trouble trying to recover the salmon and we approached them to know them about this new technology from Raymarine, RealVision 3D,” explained Nautica Chile Marine partner Manuel Jose Cerda in an email to SalmonBusiness.

Cerda installed a Raymarine Axiom 9 RV Multi-Function Display with a RV-200 bronze transducer on one of the company’s search vessels. This then produced a high-resolution 3D image of the seafloor, mapping the entire marine environment, including the sea floor, structures, and forage species.

“We went to Quemchi in Chiloé Island to install a demo in a boat, to show them how this system works. This demo was great and they decided to install a unit in a boat dedicated to chasing salmon during the following days. This system can be used for wild salmon and other species as well,” said Cerda.

He explained that the device was normally used and bought by commercial and recreational fisherman.

“Our experience with Ventisqueros was great. They were very concerned about the salmon chase and they reacted very fast to help with the installation and use of this Raymarine tool,” he added.