Higher production costs and lower price achievement in the first quarter for Lerøy

Editorial staff

The pandemic has influenced the first quarter of this year at Lerøy. 

States a trading update from the company. Lerøy Seafood Group harvested 39,400 tonnes of salmon and trout in the first quarter of this year – an increase of 7,100 tonnes from the same quarter last year.

But the increased amount is still less than expected, the company states.

“As described in the fourth quarter report for 2019, the production for Lerøy Aurora in the start of 2020 was impacted by more winter wounds than normal. This has had a negative impact on price achievement in the first quarter. Production in other regions has been according to expectations, and the group makes no change to its guidance for harvest volume for 2020,” writes Lerøy.

The company states that the current conditions are challenging the company, but is being dealt with:

“The current pandemic is demanding for all. Lerøy Seafood Group (Lerøy)’s value chain for seafood is managing the challenging situation in a satisfactory manner. Lerøy’s production units in farming, fisheries, and processing will through the downstream sales and distribution units do its outmost to ensure that our customers continues to experience a satisfactory level of service. Government in different countries have adopted necessary restrictions. Until such restrictions are removed, it should be expected higher cost in connection with sales and distribution,” writes Lerøy.

The full report for the first quarter of 2020 will be published on May 14.


Harvest volumes salmon and trout (1,000 GWT)  Q1 2020 Q1 2019
Lerøy Aurora   8,5   4,9
Lerøy Midt   14,5   12,3
Lerøy Sjøtroll   16,3   15,1
Total   39,4   32,3
Catch volume Havfisk (1,000 tonnes) Q1 2020 Q1 2019
Total volume   25,0   20,5
Of which volume cod   12,5   8,9



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