Highest October salmon price in five years

The high pressure continues in the salmon market.

After passing what appears to be the price bottom during September, the salmon price climbs again – into the coming week. The level of the spot price is the highest recorded in October since 2016.[factbox]

“These are good times. Up a couple of kroner, as we see it, from last week,” said a fish farmer to SalmonBusiness.

“We have sold 3-4 kg at 56-57 kroner (EUR 5.7-5.8), 4-5 kg at 58 kroner (EUR 5.9) and 5-6 kg at 60 kroner (EUR 6.1).”

“It has been a completely crazy autumn, September and October. It shows a little about the global supply and demand for salmon at the moment. So it’s fun. I do not see the danger of any immediate fall either.”

“We can feel the intensity. Processors in Poland, in particular, are looking to secure volume in December, at fixed prices,” he said, and added that it is at the “Fish Pool level” (EUR 6.8 – editor’s note).

“But I do not think they manage to buy [at that price level],” he said.

«[NOK] 57/58/60 for 3-6,» wrote an exporter in a text message to SalmonBusiness.

Lots of big fish
“It is stable at 5+, but it rises on the small fish. It rises a few kroner at 2-5. The price will be equal to 4+,” said a trader.

“Everyone has big fish left. The fish this year are 3-400 grams heavier than last year. What we pack now is over five kilos on average. It is little 2-3 and 3-4 kg,” he added, and quoted to the following prices: 3-4 kg 54-55 kroner (EUR 5.5-5.6) and 4+ 56-57 kroner (EUR 5.7-5.8).”


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