Highland Smoked Salmon showcases Inverlochy Vintage

“We are trying to get across the information about the Scottish way of smoking salmon, here at Anuga,” says Highland Smoked Salmon sales representative for the UK and Europe, Jan Ivison.

“This is our fourth time at Anuga, always as part of the British Pavilion. We are very unhappy about Brexit. Nobody expected this to happen. We do hope it will not have too many negative effects,” Ivison adds.

Highland Smoked Salmon, founded in 2002, is BRC AA star accredited, she continues. “This is a very exacting standard. Everything has to be at high level, from production to transportation and packaging. We spend a lot of time and focus on the technical side of our products, to be able to maintain those high standards.”

Marine Harvest
Highland Smoked Salmon sells its products to European countries, the Far East, India and China.

“Our biggest market is Europe as a whole, with Kuwait as the biggest single country market.”

“We only buy from specific salmon farms, that we have audited and approved,” she continues. “Marine Harvest Scotland and Norway are our biggest suppliers, 70 percent from Scotland and 30 percent from Norway.”

The company has two brands: Highland Smoked Salmon and Inverlochy Vintage.

“Inverlochy Vintage salmon has a special kind of smoking process: it is smoked twice, to give it a lovely strong flavor,” Jan Ivison adds.

Highland Smoked Salmons yearly turnover is 30 million euro, selling to retail, foodservice and wholesale.


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