Hijackers steal $140,000 of premium salmon at gunpoint after handcuffing truck driver

editorial staff

Cargo was transferred to other unidentified vehicles.

Last week, the driver of a truck carrying salmon from Chilean town Puerto Montt was held up at gunpoint and assaulted at a rest area on Route 5 near the town of Pichirropulli in the South American country’s Los Ríos Region.

The incident occurred around 5:30 in the morning of the 21 December, when two strangers entered the cabin of the truck while the driver slept. Having awoken to find himself being held up by gun, the driver was then handcuffed by his wrists and ankles, reports Soy Puerto Montt.

The hijackers drove the truck north with the driver still on board, to the Folilco rural sector of the commune of Máfil where the cargo was transferred to other unidentified vehicles. The criminals then fled, leaving the driver and truck abandoned.

On the instruction of prosecutor Claudia Baeza, of the Local Prosecutor’s Office of Los Lagos, detectives from the Theft Investigation Brigade and the Criminalistics Laboratory of the PDI of Valdivia were despatched to the area to hunt for further information.

The cargo of premium frozen salmon for export has been was valued at $140,000. At the moment the assailants are still on the loose.


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