Hofseth company taking Lithuanian salmon processor to court

Stian Olsen

Dispute between Hofseth International/Hofseth Europe and Lithuanian salmon processor ICECO žuvis will end up in court.

According to Sunnmøre District Court in Western Norway, a trial has been set up for spring between Hofseth International/Hofseth Europe (formerly One Fish Germany) and the Lithuanian salmon processor ICECO žuvis.

The trial will start on April 19th and is scheduled to take place for eight days, with the final day on April 28th.

Andreas A. Johansen and Hallvard Gilje Aarseth of the law firm Schjødt are representing Hofseth International and Hofseth Europe in the case.

“The dispute concerns an ongoing supply of fish products from ICECO to Hofseth Europe. The products from ICECO were, as Hofseth Europe sees it, deficient, which led to increased costs and sales losses for Hofseth Europe. The parties are also in dispute over the sale price from ICECO. ICECO has also filed some counterclaims, which Hofseth Europe has rejected as baseless,” Johansen wrote in an email to SalmonBusiness.

SB has also requested comment on the case from Håkon Berge and Trond Hatland of the law firm Thommessen, which is representing ICECO žuvis, but has so far not received a response.

The case was also reported by the publication Nett.no.


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