Hole in salmon net prompts investigation from Icelandic authorities

157,000 salmon were in the pen.

The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority today received a notification from Arnarlax about a hole in one of the company’s nets at Hringsdalur, Arnarfjörður, north west Iceland.

According to mbl, the hole was discovered during a diver’s inspection this morning and has since been repaired.

The hole was about 15cm x 50cm and at a depth of 20m and there were about 157,000 salmon inside with an average weight of 1.3 kg.

The incident is being handled by the Food and Veterinary Authority and the inspectors of the institute will examine the circumstances of the company and review its response.

Arnarlax said it was working with the Directorate of Fisheries to investigate whether any further damage.

“We currently have no indications that it has escaped fish,” wrote CEO Bjørn Hembre in an e-mail to SalmonBusiness.


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