Houston joins Benchmark Genetics

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Houston’s research focuses on the application of genomics and genome editing technologies to improve disease resistance.

Benchmark Genetics have announced that Professor Ross Houston will join the company as of March 2022, as Director of Innovation, Genetics.

Houston currently holds a Personal Chair of Aquaculture Genetics at The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, where he leads the aquaculture genetics team. He is also the Roslin Institute’s Deputy Director for Translation and Commercialisation.

Professor Houston is well known in the aquaculture genetics and animal breeding communities. He began his career with a PhD in pig genetics at the University of Aberdeen in 2004 before moving into salmon genetics in a postdoc position at Roslin.

Houston leads several high-profile international aquaculture research projects focussing on application of genomics and genome editing technologies to improve disease resistance. He has authored and co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications and has received several awards for his contributions to the scientific community.

Commenting on his appointment, Houston said, “I have been collaborating with Benchmark scientists for several years, and I am impressed about how the genetics business area has developed during this time. I’m very motivated by translating the latest scientific developments into commercial practice, to benefit the organization as well as enhancing the sustainability of the industry”.

Dr Morten Rye, Director of Genetics at Benchmark welcomed the announcement, “getting Ross Houston on board significantly strengthens our genetics R&D capacities and is also a great acknowledgement to the reputation of our organization. Genetics technologies are rapidly advancing, and I am convinced that having Ross to lead our strategic development of innovation and R&D will place Benchmark in the forefront of this progress”.



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