HR director buys shares in Atlantic Sapphire

Aslak Berge

Cristina Espejo, primary insider and head of Human Relations in Atlantic Sapphire, on Monday bought 1,300 shares in the company.

The total purchase price was USD 14,670, the company said in a stock exchange announcement.

Espejo did not previously own shares in Atlantic Sapphire.

Atlantic Sapphire, which operates salmon farming on land in Denmark and the United States, will harvest its first fish in the newly constructed facility outside Miami in the third quarter of 2020. The harvest volume on the first construction stage in Florida is 10,000 tonnes.

By the completion of the third stage of construction, Atlantic Sapphire is scheduled to harvest 220,000 tonnes of salmon in 2031.

The share price of Atlantic Sapphire increased by 87% over the past year.


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