Hunter had to kill 330 kg bluefin tuna in salmon cage

editorial staff

On Saturday, employees at a fish farming facility in Western Norway owned by Osland Havbruk, discovered an uninvited guest in the cage.

It was a 282 centimetre long bluefin tuna with a weight of 330 kilograms.

“It was discovered at the start of feeding this morning. An emergency response team was set up immediately, and a watch team and service boat were sent out,” Marte Hatlevik, general manager of Osland Havbruk, told NRK .

The bluefin tuna was caught with a fishing net, and killed with a hunting rifle by a hunter with permission from the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries.

“It is unusual for us that a hunter has to go out to the cage,” Hatlevik said.

The bluefin tuna has been sent to a processing plant in Bergen for resale.

It is not at all unusual for bluefin tuna to get caught in salmon nets. During the last few years, Mowi, Bremnes Seashore, Lingalaks and Lerøy, among others, have had net walls torpedoed by bluefin tuna in search of food.


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