Huon CEO Philip Wiese joins Cooke Aquaculture as managing director

Philip Wiese, most recently the CEO of Australia’s Huon Aquaculture Group, has joined Cooke Aquaculture.

The Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick-based Cooke appointed Wiese as Managing Director of East Coast Aquaculture Operations in Canada.

Cooke created the role “in response to significant global growth in recent years. This will augment North American leadership and provide additional structure, ensuring the company’s long-term success while maintaining an employee-centric culture,” the company said in announcing the appointment.

As CEO of Huon, Wiese was responsible for financial management, information technology, human resources and operations.

“Wiese brings significant aquaculture expertise to Cooke having successfully delivered for nearly 15 years with Huon, Australia’s second largest, vertically integrated salmon farming company employing 800 Tasmanians.”

As Managing Director of Cooke, he will oversee and lead all operations of Cooke Aquaculture’s Atlantic Canadian organization by fostering the alignment of people and resources and championing operational excellence and sustainability by driving efficiency, financial performance and profitability, employee engagement and stakeholder relations, Cooke said.

Wiese will report to Glenn Cooke, CEO of Cooke Aquaculture.


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