Huon launches new net cleaning boat “Sadie”

Tasmanian salmon farmer launches first of vessels built by Crisp Bros. and Haywards Margate.

Houn also worked with Western Australian Naval architect IMC to custom design a vessel to meet Huon’s operational conditions and specific vessel requirements, including that it must be capable of running two net cleaners simultaneously.

The salmon farmer made the announcement in the first edition of its new quarterly magazine, The Huon Story.

PHOTO: Huon Aquaculture

Huon worked with Crisp Bros. and Haywards Margate to build “Sadie”. They also collaborated the shipbuilders and AKVA to create the “Hogan”, a AUD 10.5 million (USD 6.6 million) barge designed for their exposed fish farm in the world at Storm Bay in Tasmania, Australia.

“As the vessels will be operating primarily in Storm Bay, they were designed to work in rough conditions. We have yet to put them to the test, but I have every confidence that they will do the job that they were made for,” said Business Development Manager James Bender.

The 15m long vessel will be crewed three Huon employees – two net cleaner operators and a skipper. “Sadie”, named after the John Farnham song Sadie the Cleaning lady, will operate for up to 12 hours a day.

Its sister vessel “Vortex” will be launched in March.


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