Hurricane Dorian is dangerously close to Atlantic Sapphire

Land-based salmon farmer initiating Hurricane preparation measures.

A storm which has caused havoc in the Bahamas since early Sunday is whirling close to the U.S. Southeast coast – home to the one of the world’s largest land-based salmon farming projects, Atlantic Sapphire.

The Category 4 Hurricane Dorian has brought destructive winds that – at times – have clocked in at 200 mph.

Reports have come in that Dorian will pass dangerously close to Florida.However the storm appears to be stalling in the Bahamas.

In an email to SalmonBusiness, Atlantic Sapphire founder Johan Andreassen wrote that they have been preparing for the worst. Earlier in August, salmon in the Miami BlueHouse had been moved to the last phase in freshwater – but a large part of the site is still under construction.

“We have initiated our Hurricane preparation measures since early last week and have done all the preparations we can for an impact. The good news is that this Hurricane will pass north of the farm, so we won´t be experiencing hurricane-force winds,” wrote Andreassen.

For now, the National Weather Service posted that the threat of life-threatening storm surge exists along the Palm Beach County coast over the next couple of days – which is 65 miles away from Miami.